Excursiones Marítimas

Cantabria desde el mar

Flota de los Reginas

Una muestra de nuestros barcos

Regina Doce
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Beam/Length: 6,34m. / 20,00m. Holds: 150 ppl. Built in: 2008

Campo de la Sierra
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Beam/Length: 5,05m. / 20,45m. Holds: 123 ppl. Built in: 1969

Regina Catorce
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Manga/Eslora: 7,12m. / 22,04m. Capacidad: 177 pax Año de Construcción: 2014

Bahía de Santander
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Manga/Eslora: 7,00m. / 23,04m. Capacidad: 150 pax Año de Construcción: 1991

Eventos & otros Servicios

Procesiones Marítimas

Cada año en el mes de Julio y en honor a Nuestra Señora del Carmen, Patrona de los marineros y los pescadores, se pone a disposición de todo el que quiera acompañar a la Virgen.
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For those who enjoy regattas, also known as ‘trainieras’ (trawlers), that take place in the Bay of Santander, they can join Los Reginas to follow them up from the sea. We have a broad structure for tracking this sort of events with all the necessary services for you to get what you expect.

Sea Processions

Every June, in honor of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, patron saint of sailors and fishermen, we give a ride to those who want to go with the virgin during its traditional sea procession from the Barrio Pesquero to the Mouro Island. The virgin is taken on a small vessel across the Bay of Santander and followed by rowers, small fishing boats, and pleasure boats in a unique atmosphere.

Fireworks from the sea

During the summer season, Santander celebrates its holidays by launching fireworks over the Bay of Santander or El Sardinero area. This pyrotechnic show can be seen from various points on earth, although one of the most privileged sites is aboard one of our boats. With us you will enjoy the fireworks now that our boats become the ideal place to see this night event.

Travel agencies

We offer different itineraries on board for excursions across the surroundings of the Bay of Santander in predetermined departures or in program. This will allow you to get to know the city of Santander from another panoramic, while enjoying the experience of a different trip from beginning to end.

Companies and Conferences

The Bay of Santander is the ideal setting for celebrating all kinds of events: from the most playful and festive events to those most related to work and business. In this sense, Los Reginas offers a wide array of services tailored to your company needs.